Tour Itinerary

USA 2018 Tour Itinerary

MONDAY 3rd Dec:              Arrive SAN FRANCISCO

TUESDAY 4th Dec:             Professional coaching Clinic

WEDNESDAY 5th Dec:       MATCH 1

THURSDAY 6th Dec:          MATCH 2
                                                Go to NBA Game

FRIDAY 7th Dec:                  Flight to PHOENIX

SATURDAY 8th Dec:           MATCH 3
Go to NBA Game


TUESDAY 11th Dec:           Flight to SAN DIEGO

WEDNESDAY 12th Dec:     MATCH 4

THURSDAY 13th Dec:        MATCH 5

FRIDAY 14th Dec:              Coach to LOS ANGELES

SATURDAY 15th Dec:        MATCH 6
                                              Professional coaching Clinic


MONDAY 17th Dec:          MATCH 7
                                             Go to NBA Game

TUESDAY 18th Dec:         Depart LOS ANGELES


THURSDAY 20th Dec:      Arrive Home (Auckland)